I want to write, more but I’m not sure what to write about. My blog is all over the place and lacks a singular focus, because my interests are varied and lack a singular focus. Some ideas I’ve had over the years:

  • Christianity, both theology and the practical outworkings of that theology
  • Programming
  • Music or musical instruments and musicianship
  • Apple products
  • Tasting delicious food and trying new restaurants and recipes
  • Traveling together with my family

However, if you’ll notice, nothing’s been posted on this blog since January of 2018—nearly three years! I’ve discovered I like the idea of writing more than I acutally enjoy writing. There is a certain romance to the idea of being able to sit down and write a thousand—or five thousand—words that eloquently string together a point that simultaneously resonates with and challenges my audience. There is a reality check than needs to happne here. In high school and college, I had difficulty writing more than a few thousand words on topics I’d thoroughly reasearched and was passionate about. I’m not sure how I expect myself to be able to wirte that on topics in which I have much less knowledge and expertise.

As an effort to unstick myself, I’m going to be OK with writing things that never get published. I’m going to be OK with writing things that only consist of a few hundred or even a few dozen words. The idea is that the more I do it, the more I make a habit out of putting my thoughts to pen and paper (or pixels and bits), the more I will feel comfortable expressing my ideas, interests, and expertise in written word.

I want to say, “expect many more new blog posts from me in 2021.” But I know how that has gone in the past, with interest waning with the moon and passion for writing fizzling out. And that’s okay, too. I sit behind a drumset every few weeks to remind myself how difficult it is and how I’m more in love with the idea of playing drums than I am with putting in the hard work and effort to learn to play them well. Perhaps this will be a catalyst for writing more, but it may also be a “sitting behind the drumset” moment.